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FDA Review Alli's Safety

Posted: Tuesday, 25 August, 2009 | Categories: Alli, Xenical

After various reports came though that the FDA was monitoring the possible side effects of the slimming pill Xenical carefully, they have now announced that they are launching an official review into the medication.

They are particularly concerned that orlistat, the medical name for the slimming pills Xenical and alli, may be linked to liver damage. Since Xenical went on sale in 1999 in America, the Federal Food and Drugs Administration say that they have received 32 reports of serious liver complains, all but two of which occurred outside of the U.S.

They added that 27 patients were admitted to hospital while 6 cases resulted in liver failure.

However the FDA have made it clear that the case is still only in the investigative stage and hace asked patients taking the medication to continue using it as directed. They said that the analysis of the data concerning the drug is ongoing and that no definite association between orlistat and liver damage had been established.

GlaxoSmithKline, who sell Alli, said that there was no medication that the treatment caused liver damage, adding that people who are overweight are particularly predisposed to liver problems. Roche, who sell Xenical, have so far made no comment on the situation.